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Mr. David Mortimer


Tel: 01299 871070


Mr. Roger Martin

Vice Chairman

Tel: 879542

John Armstrong

Mr. John Armstrong


Tel: 877738

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Mr. Peter Gorbing


Tel: 826855

Martin Herridge

Mr. Martyn Herridge


Tel: 825830

kate hinchley

Mrs. Katherine Hinchley


Tel: 822080

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Mrs. Catherine MacDonald


Tel: 878722

jeremy scholes

Mr. Jeremy Scholes


Tel: 823082

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Mrs. Helen Tanser


Tel: 828418


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Pamela Perfect

Parish Clerk

Tel: 01299 823554

County Councillor

Phil grove

Mr. Phillip Grove

Tel: 01584 811525

District Councillor

Pamela Cumming

Mrs. Pamela Cumming

Tel: 01886 888832

All Parish Councillors freely give their time and expertise for the benefit of the community and are always willing to listen.

You may contact any of the councillors with any issue relating to the Civil Parish – but it is worth remembering that a Councillor is only able to raise at PC meetings those issues which are within the remit of the Parish Council.

We have no power to act on matters concerning the Village Hall or the playing field or car park (which is managed by the Village Hall Management committee), the school (managed by the LEA) or the Church (managed by the PCC).