seasons greetings

The Christmas period is now upon us, and this year it looks and feels vastly different to any Christmas we might ever have experienced. In November, we moved as a country into a new lock down. Having rediscovered some degree of the freedoms we had once unthinkingly enjoyed over summer, We understand when some of us might be feeling we are slowly being dragged back towards the deeply worrying days of March and April. Sadly, Covid-19 remains with us.

Christmas is always a special time of year, where we see family, crowd round dinner tables, and enjoy time with friends. This year, while we are social distancing and unable to meet others outside of our own households yet again, we can still retain that special closeness. Many of us might look forward to special phone calls with loved ones or having our first ‘zoom’ family Christmas. We can still take a moment out of our days to see our neighbours, especially those living alone or shielding, and spread that cheer that is more important to us now than ever.

This message of festive cheer is even more important for the current circumstances. With Covid-19 resurgent in communities right across the country, we must also restate the commitments so many of us made early on in this pandemic to watch over and support the most vulnerable members of our community. This means checking on neighbours, offering to do some shopping, collecting a prescription, or simply being friendly – these days a smile, even behind a mask, goes a long way.

Thankfully due to the incredible work carried out by all those who have been involved in the development of the Covid-19 vaccine, we can now look forward with renewed hope.

Please continue to look after one another, enjoy the company you can keep in the settings you can keep it in, and continue to follow the guidance set out by the Government. We very much hope for a 2021 that is brighter than 2020.

All that remains for us to say is stay safe, stay well and spread happiness wherever you can. Have a wonderful, fulfilling, and happy Christmas, followed by a happy and prosperous New Year.