PCC newsletter: What does the police budget mean for you?

Hello and welcome to my latest newsletter… This edition includes: what the 2021/2022 police budget means for you, a tribute to Captain Sir Tom Moore; a continued reduction in overall crime alongside investment into crime prevention; scams to be aware of; more funding for community safety projects and a range of campaigns that I proudly […]

covid 19 sa variant

Covid 19 South African variant in Worcestershire

This is not quite our area but it is close. Please be extra careful. Extra testing to monitor and suppress spread of COVID-19 variant Extensive surveillance of COVID-19 has identified a small number of cases of the COVID-19 variant first discovered in South Africa, in localities across England, including the WR3 area of Worcestershire that cannot be […]

PCC newsletter: Funding crime prevention

Hello and welcome to my latest newsletter… This edition includes: the public having their say on the 2020/2021 police budget, a call to continue looking out for our communities; a reduction in overall crime; more investment into crime prevention; new recruits to make our streets safer and continuing to put victims at the heart of my […]