Thefts in Great Witley and Wichenford

Incident Number 00080_I_22012022

The first trailer was stolen from a yard in Great Witley on 22nd January at approx 5am – Twin axle Ivor Williams trailer.

 Incident Number 00531_I_24012022

The second trailer was stolen from the drive in Wichenford on 24th January at approx 6.30pm – Ivor Williams P7E trailer complete with mesh sides the back drops down to become a ramp and spare wheel.

The Police are keen to hear from anyone who may have any information relating to these thefts or that may have been in the areas around the time of the incidents and heard or seen anything suspicious.

If you have information this, please call the Police on 101, quoting incident reference numbers 00080_I_22012022 or 00531_I_24012022.

Please see below advice provided by the Crime Prevention Officer.

In light of several trailer thefts in the area 

Where possible park the trailer where it cannot be seen from the road, public rights of way and when you come onto the yard or drive.

 Ensure there is good lighting and the area is secure with gates and locks.

When not in use, park or place something in front of the trailer so it cannot be moved.

Secure the trailer with a chain or steel cable to a strong anchor point.

Consider a cable alarm where an alarm will go off if the cable is cut.

Use a wheel lock and/or hitch lock.

Record all relevant numbers, e.g. chassis, body, hitch numbers etc.

Make the trailer unique to you so it stands out, this can be done by putting the farm/stable name on the side or using a motif or logo

This will act as a deterrent and make it easily identifiable..

If appropriate mark your vehicle registration on the roof of your vehicle, this can be done by oil based paint or there are kits you can buy with vinyl lettering.

Take photographs of the trailer from all angles, include close ups of any unique markings such as scratches, dents, scuffs and any security markings and keep them in a safe place to give to the police to help them identify the vehicle if it is stolen.

Consider fitting a tracker that will notify you if the trailer is moved and allow you to track it and pass the information to the police