Potential incident in Astley.

Please be aware when de-icing your car on a cold frosty morning.

I received the following from one of our residents.

  • At approximately 7:30am (14/1/22) I went out to the garage and immediately saw a male walking past the entrance to our property as if walking up towards the school. He was looking into our access way as if passing, and seemed to be jingling something in his hand. All I can say is that he was in his 20’s, tall, dark hair and wore dark clothing.
  • He may have been totally innocent but he just seemed out of place given the time of day and how cold/frosty  it was. His clothing was lightweight/ athletic and not attire as if out for a walk.
  • Again, he may have been totally innocent however, his demeanour was similar to that of a person looking for an opportunity to take a vehicle which had been intentionally left unattended with the engine running to defrost etc..
  • If he was up to no good then the chances are he’ll be in a vehicle with one or maybe two others.. The car will be used to survey the lanes and look into properties where there are lights on, and signs of youngsters living there suggesting there are children about to be conveyed to school.
  • If there is a vehicle(s) at the same location which looks of value, then they’ll usually drop one of the occupants off so as to casually walk past the property, and then the same occupant will be picked up by the the said vehicle further away. They can  repeat this process a number of times until they get a strike! They work so quickly the vehicle’s gone in seconds and the worst of it is the insurance company won’t pay out!