Church of St. Peter, Astley

Open letters written by Archdeacon Nikki Groarke, Archbishop of Worcester John Inge, Reverend Mark Turner  Bishop of Dudley Graham Usher are regularly published in the parish magazine. Copies for sale in St Peter's Church, Astley for 50 pence. 


None to report
Services in March 
1st March: Ash Wednesday 
7.30pm Ash Wednesday Service at St Bartholomew’s, Areley Kings 
Sunday, 5th March: Lent 1 
St. Bartholomew Areley Kings 10.00am  
Family Communion 6.30pm 
‘Test of Faith’ Begins 
St Peter’s 
Astley 10.30am 
Morning Prayer  
Sunday, 12th March: Lent 2 
St. Bartholomew Areley Kings 8.00am  
Holy Communion 10.00am  
All Age Worship 6.30pm 
‘Test of Faith’ 
St. Peter’s 
Astley 10.30am  
Holy Communion  
Sunday, 19th March: Lent 3  
St. Bartholomew Areley Kings 10.00am  
Parish Communion 6.30pm 
‘Test of Faith’ 
St. Peter’s 
Astley 10.30am 
Village Hall Service  
Sunday, 26th March: Lent 4 - Mothering Sunday 
St. Bartholomew Areley Kings 8.00am  
Holy Communion 10.00am  
Café Church 
Walshes Community Hall 6.30pm  
‘Test of Faith’ 
St. Peter’s 
Astley 10.30am 
* Mothering Sunday - Eucharist  
*This service is usually Matins but will be a special communion service for Mothering Sunday. 

Applications for Baptisms and Weddings and all enquiries with regard to funerals, monuments, 
services etc should be made to Revd Mark Turner. 14 Dunley Road, Areley Kings. Tel: 01299 829557 
As Tuesday is the day that Mark sets aside for his day off, please only contact him on this day in an emergency. 
Church wardens: 
Mrs Mary Field Tel: 01299 822744 
Mr Victor Powell Tel: 01299 877290 
                                        Patron: The Right Hon. the Earl Baldwin of Bewdley                                            
                                            Friends of St Peter’s Committee Members 

 Peter Archer, The Old Rectory Astley. 01299 826416  
       Vice chairman:
 Ray Way, Pinners Cottage, Astley. 01299 826418 
       Treasurer:  Irene Hoare, Millington Lodge, Weatherlane, Astley 823572 
       Committee members:  John Hoare, Millington Lodge, Weatherlane 823572 
                                       Joanne Lewis, Vic Powell, Katherine Gorbing  
If you make a donation to the Restoration Fund please make cheques payable to: “St Peter’s Restoration and Repair Fund”. 
If you are a taxpayer, please include a copy of a Gift Aid Declaration in the style set out below. (as a hand-written copy or by 'copy and paste'). 
This means that for every £1 you donate 25p can be reclaimed. 

The Parish Church of St Peter, Astley, Worcestershire 
Name: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
Address: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
I am a UK taxpayer intending tax to be reclaimed on the enclosed donation made under the Gift Aid scheme. 
Signature: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  
Date: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Post your cheque and Gift Aid Declaration to: Irene Hoare, Millington Lodge, Weatherlane, Astley. 

The Parish Church of St Peter, the oldest building in Astley, which dates from Norman times, was in need of substantial restoration work. As our ancestors have done before us we hold the church in trust for future generations. The results of a questionnaire, which we organised, confirm that there is widespread community support for the restoration project.

A few years ago The Friends of St Peter’s embarked on a two-stage funding exercise. The first stage was to fund the work necessary to prevent the church from deteriorating further and the second stage was to restore it to Grade 1 condition. The Fundraising Committee applied for grants to assist in the funding of this work but the prospective grant-giving bodies made it a condition that we raise a significant proportion of the funds from the local community. The cost of the first phase was estimated to be approximately £100,000.

English Heritage promised a grant of £36,000 and with other grants, private donations and proceeds from events, we have now raised well over £70,000. 
We are very grateful to those of you who have supported us by making a donation or by attending fundraising events and we hope that you will continue to support us. Additional events will be organised in future years. 
Direct donations can be made to our Treasurer, Irene Hoare, (or to any other member of the Committee) either as a single payment or in a series of stage payments. If you would like a standing order form please let us know. Wherever possible we would be grateful if donors would make use of the Gift Aid scheme described above. 
We hope that you will become a member of the Friends of St Peter’s. The annual subscription, which can be paid to any member of the committee, is £1. Normally, we use the parish magazine to publicise activities and events but from time to time we will send additional mailings direct to members of the Friends. 
The restoration of the church is the most ambitious project that Astley has undertaken since the construction of the village hall and we are confident that with your support it will be successful.


                           Fund Raising Events for your diary

                 Annual Rectory Orchard Bonfire & Firework Party - Saturday, 5th November
      Annual Service of Nine Lessons & Carols – in the church at 7.00pm Friday, 23rd December

    For further information about the Friends see the parish magazine
                                          Coffee Mornings

                                          In aid of St Peter's Church, Astley

                                       (normally first Thursday of the month)
                                                 10.30am - 12.00 noon

                                           In Astley and Dunley Village Hall

               *Cakes and Pastries Stall*  *Bring and Buy*  *Raffle*  *Book Stall*

                Come along and enjoy a lovely morning chatting with good friends.

                                     The "100 Club" draw will take place.

                                               **** Latest 100 CLUB WINNERS **** 
                                        Number 5 - Karen Seabright, Astley 
                                        Number 33 – Karen Mossley, Shrawley  

                        The draws take place on the regularly held Coffee Mornings.
                                  Have a go! You have to be in it to win it! 
                                             Just £5.00 per month
  All proceeds to the St. Peters Church Restoration Fund, which raises around £1500 per year. 

      Cheques or enquiries to: Ray Way at Pinners, Astley, Stourport on Severn, DY13 0RJ.  
                     Telephone 01299 871274, email: 


This brilliant DVD charts the restoration work from the first Quinquennial survey in 2005 to present day. It is amazing how much has been achieved in those 10 years. This DVD from Martin Beevers is a fascinating and interesting record of the church’s 
first major restoration project for 100 years. With clever little 
touches that will make you smile... 
£5.00 from any member of the Friends’ committee or PCC:  
or contact the magazine editor (Cheques to be made payable to: St Peter’s Restoration and Repair Fund) All proceeds to the Restoration Fund.
Have you made a donation? Attended or helped at a fund raising event? Visited the church? 
Supported the church by advertising in or subscribing to the parish magazine? If so, thank you! You have been involved in and have helped with this project and will love this pictorial 
record. After all, we couldn’t have done it without you!
                                         Best Kept Churchyard Competition - 2015
On Saturday, 24th October there was great excitement with the presentation of the awards for winning the Best Kept Churchyard Competition - 2015.
                           Left to right: Peter Manning, Frank Hill, John Hoare, Marion Cumella,
                        Marjorie Whiting, Rev. Mark Turner, Anthony Scriven and Andrew Cooper.

                                                        Photograph: AARON MANNING
The vice chair of the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) Worcestershire, Frank Hill and Marjorie Whiting the chair of Worcestershire WI represented the organisers. They were supported by Marion Cumella who holds the office of vice-chair of Worcestershire WI. Receiving the awards were John Hoare and Peter Manning, supported by Anthony Scriven and Andrew Cooper from CS Garden Clearance. After coming fourth in the competition just two years ago it was an outstanding achievement to make it to the winning post as first this year! There was a good turn out from the parish and the ladies laid on some lovely refreshments. Whether we can hold our position in 2017 remains to be seen. 
December 2015 - January 2016


             Further information published monthly in the Parish Magazine: 50p from the church of St. Peter, Astley

                                                                            St Peter’s Church, Astley 
Church flowers - There is a church flowers rota in the porch, for anyone who would like to put flowers into the church for a special occasion or for an ordinary service. Help and flowers would be much appreciated so if you would like to do so just put your name on the rota or contact Irene Hoare (823572). 
Disabled Access - There is now a wheelchair friendly access and level walkway through the Old Rectory gardens.  Therefore, if you would like to visit the church or attend a church service and have difficulty with the steps leading to the porch, please contact Hilary or Peter Archer on 01299 826418. 
Donations - If you would like to make a donation to St Peter’s Restoration Fund, contact any Friends of St Peter’s committee member. 
Please make cheques payable to "St Peter’s Restoration and Repair Fund". If you are a taxpayer please ask for a "Gift Aid" envelope and each £1.00 donated will be worth £1.25. 

St. Peter's Church Astley