Parish Council
T h e  P a r i s h  C o u n c i l - What is a Parish? 
There are two sorts of "Parish" and their boundaries don't always coincide. 
Ecclesiastical Parishes centred on the Anglican Church - each with a Parochial Church Council (PCC) to run them. 
Civil Parishes, which are part of local administration - and when the community has more than 200 electors - with a Parish Council (PC) to manage their affairs. 
The Civil Parishes are independent local democratic units which, in England and Wales, have been in existence since the Local Government Act of 1894. 
Every year a Civil Parish must, by law, hold a meeting for its eligible Local Government electors - this is known as the Annual Parish meeting. 
What powers does a Parish Council have? 
Many . . . but in brief, a PC has the power to improve the quality of community life by spending sums of public money on things which - in their opinion - are in the interests of the Parish inhabitants. Lately, the actions of PCs have become more important as District Councils and other unitary bodies have become larger and more remote. 
Parish Councillors tend to know their Parish well and represent its views to many other authorities and at public enquires. 
The PC is consulted on all planning applications within the Malvern Hills District and also regarding road schemes and environmental issues within Worcestershire County. 
How much does this cost? 
The PC is the most unbureucratic and least expensive type of local authority in existence! Our budget is just a tiny part of the Council Tax and is called the "precept". 
We receive very little in the way of Government grants, so there is every incentive to keep expenditure low and to be economical. Our financial commitments are numerous and diverse; they include contributions to the maintenance of Astley's burial grounds, essential subscriptions to local government and networking bodies, insurance, audit costs, grass cutting, grit for the roads in winter and maintenance of Parish property (e.g. the war and Baldwin memorials), contributions towards the upkeep of our footpaths and bridleways, the services of the Parish Clerk and (by no means least!) repayment of the loan taken out to build our excellent Village Hall. 
Who controls the PC? 
Well . . . you actually! The PC is a small "local authority" and councillors are elected for a 4-year term in the same way as other councils. The public will always be notified of an election - which are usually held at the same time as District or County Council elections - and anyone wishing to stand to serve their community, simply informs the Clerk of their intention . . . and the application forms will follow! 
All meetings of the PC are open to the public and everyone has an opportunity to "have their say" at every meeting.

             Chairman:          Mr. David Mortimer           (01299) 871070    
           Vice Chairman:   
 Katherine Hinchley            (01299) 822080
                                    Mr. John Armstrong          (01299) 877738  
                                    Mr. Roy Darch                  (01299) 871771  
                                    Mr. Peter Gorbing             (01299) 826855
                                    Mr. Martyn Herridge          (01299) 825830           
                                    Mrs. Catherine MacDonald  (01299) 878722 
                                    Mrs. Helen Tanser             (01299) 828418
                                    Roger Martin                    (01299) 879542
             Clerk:              Pamela Perfect                   (01299) 823554  

All Parish Councillors freely give their time and expertise for the benefit of the community and are always willing to listen. 
You may contact any of the councillors with any issue relating to the Civil Parish - but it is worth remembering that a Councillor is only able to raise at PC meetings those issues which are within the remit of the Parish Council. 
We have no power to act on matters concerning the Village Hall or the playing field or car park (which is managed by the Village Hall Management committee), the school (managed by the LEA) or the Church (managed by the PCC).  

               County Councillor:  Mr. Phillip Grove    01584 811525 
       District Councillor:  Mrs. Pamela Cumming    01886 888832 
                 Malvern Hills District Council (Hub)    01684 862151 
             Worcestershire County Council (Hub)   01905 765765 
                                             Crimestoppers   0800 555111                         
                                        (Non emergency)    101   

February        14th Wed
March            28th Wed
April              25th Wed  (Annual Parish Meeting - in main hall)
May               9th Wed  
June              27th Wed
August          8th Wed
September     26th Wed
November      14th Wed

Venue - Astley and Dunley Village Hall, Astley at 7.45 p.m.

Also see Astley and Dunley Parish Council Notice Board (adjacent to B4196 near to junction with Ridleys Cross) for dates and times of council meetings, plus other Council related information

                                                 ASTLEY AND DUNLEY PARISH COUNCIL 

                         The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 14th February 2018,
                                   Astley and Dunley Village Hall commencing at 7.45 p.m. 
                                                                     A G E N D A  
         1.    Apologies 
         2.    Declaration of interest 
         3.    Questions / Comments from members of the public 
         4.    Correspondence 
         5.    Minutes of meeting held on 8th November 2017 
         6.    PARISH PLAN KEY ISSUES 
                   A.   Roads / Speed 
                            i) Potholes and road surface along Weatherlane 
                   B.   Communication 
                            i) County Council report 
                           ii) Adopt a Kiosk / Defibrillator 
                          iii) Health and Well Being / Offer of support – rural communities 
                          iv) Newsletter 
                          v) Confirm speaker – Annual Parish Meeting - April 25th 
                   C.   Planning 
                            i) District Council report and planning 
                           ii) Larford – fish pass – 17/01523 – update 
                    D.   Environment 
                            i) Footpaths / Bridleways 
                           ii) Dog Fouling (Dunley) 
                    E.   Crime / Safety 
                    F.   Transport 
                    G.   Youth 
                    Accounts for payment 

                                                     Astley and Dunley Parish Council 
                                         Minutes of meeting held on 8th November 2017. 

Mr. D. Mortimer, Mr. R. Martin, Mr. J. Armstrong, Mr. M. Herridge, Mrs. K. Hinchley,   
               Mrs. C. MacDonald. Mrs. P. Cumming, Mr. P. Grove , Mr. T. Healing. 

  7/17:1:   Apologies for absence: Mrs. H. Tanser, Mr. R. Darch, Mr. P. Gorbing. 

  7/17:2:   Declaration of interest: none. 

  7/17:3:   Minutes of meeting held on 27th September were approved and signed. 

  Questions / Comments: no matters arising.
    A) Roads / Speed: 
          i)  potholes: outside Strand Cottages and Crundles Lane at Woodgreen. 
        ii)  Mr. Mortimer to check price for Please Drive Carefully signs (Dunley). 
       iii)  Mr. Armstrong queried the length of time the B4196 had been closed through      
             Shrawley (ask Mr. Grove). 
   B) Communication: 
        i)   County Council report: Mr. Grove gave a full report on county matters, copies  
            forwarded to councillors. Work had now been carried out by Highways in  
            Weatherlane, and Mr. Grove has requested road dressing for 2018/19. 
            Velo – many meetings had taken place, concerns and issues raised. A full  
            statement will shortly be made. Thanks given to Mr. Grove for his assistance and  
            the report given. 
       ii)  Adopt a Kiosk: Mr. Grove offered £600 towards the purchase of a defibrillator,  
            and Mrs. Cumming £150 both from Divisional funding. Mrs. Cumming would check if  
            any grants available.. (Next agenda for further discussion) 
      iii)  Health and Well Being (next agenda). 
            Miss Alice Spearing from St. Richards Hospice gave an extremely informative talk            
            on the work at the hospice, and the various fundraising days which take place . It  
            was suggested she come to the Annual Parish Meeting – agreed, leaflets and  
            newsletter to be forwarded to the clerk. 
     iv)   Newsletter – next meeting – consider printing a newsletter on parish matters for  
            distribution to every household. 
   C) District Council and planning: 
           Mrs. Cumming gave an update on the proposed change to domestic refuse  
         collection due to start in 2018. 
         With regard to planning there was little to report, Mr. P. Edwards had now  
         submitted a further appeal (development at Astley Burf).  

         17/01523 – Larford Farm – fish pass - Transport Assessment still awaited – Mr.  
         Grove to chase with the County Council. It was felt the Parish Council could not  
         object on planning grounds but concerns and quality of life for residents must be  
         fully considered.
         17/01662 – two safari tents etc. – land at Dunley – refused. 
   D) Environment: nothing to report. 
   E) Crime / Safety: nothing to report. 
   F) Transport: nothing to report. 
   G) Youth: nothing to report. 

   Accounts for payment: £60.00 – J. Kirk repainting bus shelter. 
   There being no further items, Mr. Mortimer closed the meeting at 9.20 p.m. 

                              Minutes of meeting held on 27th September 2017. 

Present: Mr. D. Mortimer, Mr. R. Martin, Mr. J. Armstrong, Mrs. K. Hinchley, Mrs. C. MacDonald, Mrs. H. Tanser, Mrs. P. Cumming, Mr. P. Grove and one member of the public.
6/17:1: Apologies for absence: Mr. R. Darch, Mr. P. Gorbing, Mr. M. Herridge. 

6/17:2: Declaration of interest: none. 

6/17:3: Minutes of meeting held on 9th August, were approved and signed. 

Questions / Comments: Member of the public, Mrs. Healing queried why Pearl Lane continued to be closed in the late afternoon on the day of the Velo cycle event. (Further discussion to follow). 


A) Roads / Speed: 
i) potholes – continue to chase and the clerk to forward details to Mr. P. Grove with regard to re-occurring potholes and flooding problems along Weatherlane. 

ii) white gates – Dunley A451 – now installed. Thanks given to Mr. P. Grove. Mrs. Hinchley suggested installing “Please Drive Carefully” signs and the planting of bulbs. 

iii) Velo cycle event. There was considerable discussion with regard to the event held on Sunday 24th September, the main complaints being lack of communication, marshals not knowing the area and therefore unable to redirect traffic, signs and cones remaining in situ along the route, and why roads were closed for such a long period of time. Favourable comments were also taken into account made by those who had enjoyed the event. Should this event take the same route next year, Mrs. Cumming felt businesses affected should be compensated. She and Mr. Grove were thanked for all their help and support in this matter. 
B) Communication: 
i) County Council report: Mr. Grove advised he would be in contact with Highways regarding problems along Weatherlane. With regard to the Velo event he was in contact with Mr. Ken Pollock and would of course be raising the various comments and observations received. Mr. Grove was again thanked for his help and support.
ii) Adopt a Kiosk: further information awaited regarding the installation of a defibrillator for Ridleys Cross. Mrs. Cumming kindly offered £150 from divisional funding towards the purchase or the required training. (Next agenda). 

iii) Health and Well Being – invite representatives of local organisations to come to next meeting (Mr. Gorbing discussing with Mrs. Cumming). 

iv) Shared Access – proposed mast – recreation ground. The clerk had chased up but had been advised this was not being taken up. 
C) Planning:  
Mrs. Cumming confirmed the breach of planning at 16/01571 The Willows now in the hands of the legal department. She confirmed that planning applications are being validated more timely but that long delays are being experienced in determining.  
Rural Officer David Manning working in conjunction with Age UK is going into rural areas where there may be vulnerable people. Mrs. Cumming will add the parish to the list for further information. An update was given on the proposed refuse collection, and it was good to report there was an increase in tourism and leisure in the Malvern Hills district. 
Thanks were given to Mrs. Cumming for her report and also for the offer of funding towards a defibrillator. 


                                         Minutes of meeting held on 9th August 2017. 

Present: Mr. D. Mortimer, Mr. J. Armstrong, Mr. R. Darch, Mr. P. Gorbing, Mr. M.  
                Herridge, Mrs. K. Hinchley, Mr. R. Martin, Mrs. P. Cumming, Mr. T. Healing. 

 5/17:1: Apologies: Mrs. H. Tanser, Mrs. C. MacDonald, Mr. P. Grove. 

 5/17:2: Declaration of interest: none. 

 5/17:3: Minutes of meeting held on 28th June were approved and signed. 
             Questions / Comments: nothing arising. 

 Risk Assessment: Mr. Healing confirmed this was done annually, and in future would
 be reviewed by the Chairman. Thanks were given to Mr. Healing for following up. 

  A) Roads / Speed: 
   i) potholes, chase in Weatherlane and Dark Lane. 
   ii) white gates – Dunley A451. Chase up. 
   iii) Velo cycle event in September: there was considerable discussion, Mr. Mortimer      
        and Mr. Martin having met the previous evening with Mr. Jon Fraser of the
        County Council. Representative from CSM the organisers had not turned up. The
        event is proposed to be held for the next five years, and Mrs. Cumming advised
        of the very poor consultation. Any special needs arising from the road closure to
        be notified to Mr. Ken Pollock prior to the 14th. Letter received from Mr. Tim
        Field of Dunley Service Station and letter read from Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lucas
        (The Old Farm Shop) giving their full support to the event. (Parish Council will  
        report feedback). 
 B) Communication: 
   i) County Council – Mr. Grove currently away. 
   ii) Adopt a Kiosk: Ridleys Cross – enquiries to be made with regard to purchasing a
   iii) Health and Well Being – discuss further and invite representatives of various
        local organisations to attend next meeting. Mr. Gorbing will speak to Mrs.
   iv) Shared Access – proposed mast – recreation ground. The clerk to chase up. 
 C) Planning: 
      16/01571 The Willows breach of planning – now being dealt with by the legal
      department, and Sabrina (adjacent to this property) now being occupied as a
      permanent dwelling. 

      In this connection Mr. Gorbing again raised the concern of certain vehicles
      speeding along the access at Bricky Lane and advising that the lane had now been  
      surfaced with shale. The County Council to visit and report accordingly. 
 D) Environment:  
   i) Flood Forum: the clerk had recently met with Mr. Rob Rich (MHDC) and it was
      confirmed the District Council would continue to fund for the next two years after
      which the Parish Council could take over but would be funded for a further two
      years. The Village Hall to be used as a rest centre if ever required (the clerk had
      already checked with the management committee) and it was confirmed both
      these points were acceptable.  
 E) Crime / Safety: nothing to report, keep vigilant. Neighbourhood Watch continues
     to keep residents well updated. 
 F) Transport: nothing to report other than Mr. Mortimer advised the bus route
     currently operated by Diamond is due for re-tender in September. 

 Youth: nothing to report. 

 Accounts for payment: £50 Chat Club, CS Lengthsman to 31st July £208.00, J. Kirk  
 £40 transportation of white gates from Warndon, P. Perfect broadband and  
 expenses to 31st July £1,351.70. CS Garden Clearance £495. 50 Parish Paths P3  
 (paid since meeting). 
 There being no other items arising, Mr. Mortimer closed the meeting at 9.20 p.m  
 thanking everyone for attending.  


                                           Minutes of meeting held on 28th June 2017. 

Present: Mr. D. Mortimer, Mr. J. Armstrong, Mr. R. Darch, , Mrs. K. Hinchley, Mrs. C. MacDonald, Mr. R. Martin, Mrs. H. Tanser, Mrs. P. Cumming, Mr. P. Grove.
4/17:1: Apologies: Mr. P. Gorbing, Mr. M. Herridge.
4/17:2: Declaration of interest: none. 

4/17:3: Minutes of meeting held on 10th May and minutes of Annual Meeting were approved and signed. Mr. J. Armstrong confirmed he was willing to continue as Flood Liaison Officer. 
Questions / Comments: nothing arising. 

A) Roads / Speed: 

     i) potholes: continue to be reported. 
     ii) white gates – Dunley – confirmation awaited from Highways with regard to siting. 
     iii) Velo cycle race in September. There followed considerable discussion regarding the  
         proposed road closures. Mr. Grove advised he had done everything possible to have the  
         race cancelled, residents and businesses alike being very unhappy with the proposals.
         Further discussion to be held with Jon Fraser (Highways) and the organisers CSM.    
         (Further information to follow). 
B) Communication 
     i) County Council – Mr. Grove’s report to be emailed to all councillors. 
     ii) Adopt a Kiosk. Contract signed and £1 cheque forwarded to BT Payphones. 
     iii) Health and Well Being – agenda – next meeting. 
C) Planning 
     i) District Council report – Mrs. Cumming reported on the new Planning portal at District  
        Council and of the new recycling proposals. Residents to let the District Council know if
        any problems encountered. The new Malvern Hills magazine will shortly be sent to all
        households and District Council would welcome comments. Nothing to advise at present
        with regard to breach of planning at The Willows, Astley Burf 16/01571 or the proposed
        Gladman development at Astley Cross 17/00142 
D) Environment: 
     i) footpaths / bridleways: overgrown footpath near Burnthorne (518/9) (check if any
        funding remaining on the P3 scheme) . Footpath 536 Lea Cottage/The Burlins –
        Countryside Services had visited the site but were happy with the situation. 
        Bricky Lane, Astley Burf – site visit to be arranged. 
     ii) Flood Forum – the clerk to meet with Rob Rich of the District Council and will advise at  
         next meeting. 
E) Crime/Safety: nothing to report but householders should continue to be vigilant. 

F) Transport: nothing to report. 

Accounts for payment: Village hall hire £18.00. £1.00 BT Payphones. 

There being no further items arising, Mr. Mortimer closed the meeting at 20.59 p.m. thanking everyone for attending. 

                                 Minutes of Annual Meeting held on 10th May 2017.

  Present: Mr. D. Mortimer, Mr. R. Darch, Mr. M. Herridge, Mr. R. Martin. 

  Apologies: Mr. J. Armstrong, Mr. P. Gorbing, Mrs. K. Hinchley, Mrs. C. MacDonald, Mrs. H.  
                  Tanser. Mrs. P. Cumming, Mr. P. Grove. 

  Declaration of interest: none. 

  Minutes of Annual meeting held on 4th May 2016 were approved and signed. There were no
  matters arising. 

  Election of Chairman: Mr. D. Mortimer, proposed Mr. M. Herridge, seconded Mr. R. Darch. 
  Declaration and Acceptance of Office duly signed. 

  Election of Vice Chairman: Mr. R. Martin, proposed Mr. M. Herridge, seconded D. Mortimer. 
  Footpaths Officer: Mrs. C. MacDonald to continue. 
  Flood Liaison Officer: Mr. J. Armstrong (to be confirmed). 
  CALC representative: Mr. D. Mortimer. 
  Internal Auditor: Mr. T. Healing. 
  Standing Orders: no amendments. 
  Code of Conduct: no amendments. 
  Risk Assessment: to be reviewed in August. 
  Financial Regulations: all in order. 

                    There being no further items, the meeting closed at 7.51 p.m. 


                                  Minutes of meeting held on 10th May 2017. 

Present: Mr. D. Mortimer, Mr. R. Darch, Mr. M. Herridge, Mr. R. Martin. 

3/17:1: Apologies, Mr. J. Armstrong, Mr. P. Gorbing, Mrs. K. Hinchley, Mrs. C. MacDonald, Mrs. H. Tanser , Mrs. P. Cumming, Mr. P. Grove. 

3/17:2: Declaration of interest: none. 

3/17:3: Minutes of meeting held on 22nd March were approved and signed. 

 Questions / Comments: nothing arising. 


     A) Roads / Speed: 
             i) potholes continue to be reported, and it was confirmed that all drains in Dunley
                had now be cleared. 
            ii) white gates – now ordered. 
           iii) Velo cycle race in September: Mr. Martin expressed great concern with regard to
                proposed road closures, and the problems posed for local business and residents.                    
                Following a lengthy discussion the County Council and Mr. Phil Grove to be  
                contacted for advice and further information. 
      B) County Council: nothing to report. 
     C) Planning: 
           i) 17/00173 Crossways, Astley Burf extension and change of use – approved,
              17/00318 – 25 Sandhampton replacement of two fire damaged properties (Fortis)  
          ii) Parish and Town Council workshop – Health and Well being – to be deferred to next  
              meeting (Mr. P. Gorbing) 
     D) Environment: 
           i) footpaths / bridleways: Sparrows Roost to The Burlins: ask Countyside Services to
              check. Bridleway – Bricky Lane – Mr. P. Grove to advise. 
          ii) Lanes End: no further problems. 
     E) Crime / Safety: nothing to report. 

     F) Transport: nothing to report. 

     Accounts for payment: Village hall hire (2) £36.00, Worcs. CALC subscription £546.93,  
         Clerks and Councils Direct subscription £12.00, P. Perfect ink cartridges £50.52, Came  
         and Company insurance £445.10 (reduction due to three-year scheme) , M. Beevers
         replacement cheque for website £58.80, CS Garden Clearance lengthsman £117.00. 
     Audit: Annual Governance Statement (unaudited) was approved (i) followed by the
              Approval of The Accounting Statements (ii) . Both signed by the chairman. 
    There being no further matters arising, the meeting closed at 8.45 p.m. , Mr. Mortimer    
    thanking those who had attended.  

                                      Minutes of meeting held on 8th February 2017.  

Present: Mr. D. Mortimer, Mr. J. Armstrong, Mr. R. Darch, Mr. P. Gorbing Mr. M. Herridge, Mrs. K. Hinchley, Mrs. C. MacDonald, Mr. R. Martin, Mrs. P. Cumming, Mr. P. Grove, Mr. T. Healing and one member of the public. 
1/17:1: Apologies for absence: Mrs. H. Tanser. 
1/17:2: Declaration of interest: none. 
1/17:3: Minutes of meeting held on 9th November 2016 were approved and signed. 

Questions / Comments : Mr. Thornley showed councillors a map Larford shareholders had received with regard to the proposed fish passes on the River Severn, it is understood 100,000 tons of soil would need to be moved with work to commence in 9/10 months. Following discussion, Mr. Thornley was thanked for his attendance and for the information provided. There were no other questions arising. 


A) Roads / speed: 
i) Pothole repairs continue to be chased, in particular Weatherlane, blocked drain at the junction of Dark Lane with the A451 and the continuing problem outside The White House, Dunley (again chased with Highways). 

ii) Mrs. Hinchley asked Mr. Grove about the proposed installation of gates on the approaches to Dunley, he advised the usual type being unsuitable but alternatives had been offered. Kerbs outside The Strand had now been raised and rainwater diverted.  
B) Communication: 

i) County Council : Mr. Grove reported on the recent Ofsted inspection – the County Council needing to make improvement with Childrens and Safeguarding Services. With the Improvement Board now meeting every two weeks it is expected things will move forward and changes made. £700,000 extra funding has been proposed to add to The Children’s Safeguarding Service and the remaining £800,000 Strategic Initiatives funding will be used to bolster revenue for the service bringing this to a total of £1.5 million. The County also proposes to add £1.2 million on a recurring basis to Adult Services. Suggested Council Tax at 2.94% proposed for the coming year. 2% Adult Social Care and 0.94% on all other County Council Services. 

There will also be extra funding for roads, pavements and town centres to tackle congestion and on major infrastructure including the Carrington Bridge works.  
Road gritting – teams have been kept busy throughout the County and motorists urged to keep vigilant of icy conditions. 

Local Transport Plan – this now needs to be updated and comments are invited prior to the end of consultation on 17th March.  

Our recently appointed Highways Liaison Engineer Officer – Roy Fullee will be leaving on 30th April and details of a new appointment will be reported in due course. 
Broadband: The Church of England has offered the use of 16,000 churches to deliver on superfast broadband to 95% of properties. 

Worcestershire Parkway railway station has been given the go ahead for the construction of a station at Norton with further details expected later in the year. Mr. Grove was thanked for his comprehensive report (full details are available from the clerk). 

ii) BT Payphones – further details awaited re Ridleys Cross. 

iii) Shared Access: the relevant forms have been completed and forwarded for consideration, the Parish Council having authorised the clerk to sign. 

iv) Village Hall: As requested by the Management Committee the Parish Council will send a representative to their future meetings – this will be done alphabetically on a rota basis – Mr. Armstrong to be the first. 
C) Planning: 
i) District Council: Mrs. Cumming gave an update on finance at the District Council, a quarter of a million pounds in savings to be made, this could include revising the refuse collection service. A new IT system has recently been introduced in Planning Services, this will be used in conjunction with Wychavon District Council. 

Mrs. Cumming was thanked for her offer of £125 from Divisional Funding. This would be used towards the purchase of a replacement litter bin. Mr. Herridge has since kindly offered to install when received. 

16/01571 replacement dwelling “The Willows” Astley Burf – officers continue to monitor the situation (to be reduced in size by 7 ft within three months). Mr. Darch asked about the sewerage systems for this and adjacent property. Mrs. Cumming advised it was up to the integrity of the builder concerned. 

Gladman Development – Astley Cross – Mr. Mortimer asked if there was anything further to report – no details at present (A small team to deal with the Section 106 agreement in due course).
Mrs. Cumming was thanked for attending and for the report given. 

ii) Annual Parish Meeting – Wednesday April 26TH – Mrs. Francesca Llewellyn has offered to talk on the industrial past of Dick Brook – entitled Astley Forge Mill – its archaeology and history. 
D) Environment:
i) footpaths / bridleways: requests had been made with regard to improvements to stiles in the parish – the clerk will contact the County to enquire if any volunteers available to carry out the required work.
Mr. Armstrong had received complaints from residents about Scots Lane – he had advised he would bring to the attention of the Parish Council, however the lane is privately owned. 
E) Crime / Safety: nothing to report. 
F) Transport: Transport Survey in circulation. 
G) Youth: nothing to report. 
Accounts for payment: Village hall hire (2) £36.00. 
There being no other business, Mr. Mortimer closed the meeting at 9.05 p.m. thanking everyone for their attendance.  



For crime prevention advice for outbuildings, garages and sheds (August 2017)

Police Warn of New Scam Telephone Calls 

Police in Warwickshire and West Mercia are warning members of the public to be alert to potential hoax calls 
pretending to be from telephone or computer companies. 
There have been a few reports involving hoax phone calls claiming to be employees from either BT or TalkTalk to 
inform potential victims that they have a virus on their computers, or they are due a refund. 
Incidents have been reported in the Harbury and Alcester areas in Warwickshire and Malvern, Worcestershire over the past week. 
Incident 150-18-06-16 
An elderly person in her 80s received a call from Talk-Talk who advised her that they needed to download some software on to her computer and obtained their personal information. They were on the phone for approximately for an hour and a half and advised her that she was owed a refund and this is why they needed their bank details. 
Incident 219-22-06-16 
A call from someone claiming to be from Talk-Talk accessed the victim's laptop as they claimed the victim was owed £200. The victim realised later on and the offenders had attempted to take money from the victim's bank accounts, however the bank has blocked money transfer. 
Incident 0243S 220616 
A call from someone claiming to be from BT accessed the victim's laptop as they claimed the victim had multiple hacks on the account and requested they transfer £750 to help ambush the hackers. The victim has realised the report was false and has not transferred money 
and contacted the police. 
Police warn that the scammers will make repeated attempts to gain access to computers by asking potential victims to input codes to target 'infected' files, or may request account details. 

How to protect yourself: 

� Do not allow remote access to your computer. 
� Hang up the phone when you identify that the call is uninvited. 
� Never divulge passwords or pin numbers. 
BT, Microsoft, other computer companies or someone on their behalf will never call you. 
TalkTalk have also said they will NEVER
� Ask for your bank details to process a refund. If you are ever due a refund from them, they would only be able to process this 
if your bank details are already registered on their systems. 
� Call you and ask you to download software onto your computer, unless you have previously contacted TalkTalk, discussed and agreed a call back for this to take place. 
� Send you emails asking you to provide your full password. They will only ever ask for two digits from it to protect your security. 
It is also a good idea to contact the company who the fraudulent caller claims to be from, especially if this is a bank. 

Police urge anyone who receives similar calls to dial 101 and report them.

A few "tips" . . .

"Watch your box" – by which I mean, make sure that thieves can’t "fish" for keys from your hall table through the letter box! 
Check that your door and window locks are appropriate. 
Mark your property with Smartwater. 
Lock up your sheds and garages. 
Keep windows shut. 
Have lights that come on automatically at night in the house if you are away. 
Keep a list and photographic record of your valuables. 
Get a small wall/under floor safe! 
Consider a burglar alarm. 
Consult the experts – the first port of call is the Crime Prevention Officer for your area. 
Along with the usual "garden" thefts we experience in the Summer months, it seems that the theft of diesel is getting popular. 
Recently there was an attempt to siphon diesel from a lorry parked in Astley – take care. 
It is now easier for you to contact West Mercia Police. 
You can dial 101 to report non-emergencies. 
The three-digit number is to be used when reporting incidents which do not require an urgent response. 

It costs 15 pence to call 101 - no matter what time of the day you call or how long you stay on the phone for - and it is available 24 hours a day. 
Head of Operational Support Command, Chief Superintendent Trevor Albutt said: "We hope that giving the public this memorable number will make it easier for people to report crime and also ease the pressure on the 999 system. Every day, we receive a number of inappropriate calls on 999 which stop or delay people with real emergencies getting through to us. West Mercia Police aims to provide the highest levels of customer service and we hope that adopting 101 will allow us to better prioritise the most urgent calls for help." 

Examples of where 101 should be dialled instead of 999 include: 
If your car has been stolen; 
If your property has been damaged; 
Where you suspect drug use or dealing; 
If you want to report a minor traffic collision. 
If you are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired, you can access the service via textphone on 18001 101. 
Ch Supt Albutt added: "This new number is already being used by several police forces, and all 43 Chief Constables across England and Wales have agreed to introduce 101 as the national police non-emergency number. 101 is much easier to remember than the existing non-emergency number and the single rate for every call means people will know exactly how much it costs to contact us. Our current number - 0300 333 3000 - will continue to operate as a general switchboard number which should be used to speak to a particular person or department, for example, if you want to speak to your Local Policing Team." 
In an emergency, always call 999 if there is a crime in progress, if someone suspected of a crime is nearby, when there is danger to life or when violence is being used or threatened. 
To find out more about 101 and when to use it visit 
Adrian Symonds 
Community Volunteers Co-ordinator 
Worcestershire and Herefordshire 
West Mercia Police 
The Neighbourhood Watch scheme is working well but to be even more successful, it requires all of us to be involved. If you are not a member and would like to be involved, then please contact the neighbourhood watch co-ordinator.  
There is concern that very few properties in Dunley are registered. Please remember there are many advantages to membership visit the "Neighbourhood Watch" page of our web site.

Please continue to report deep potholes; this can be done directly on the County Council website under the "report” section. 

Thank you to all landowners who have trimmed hedges next to the highway. 

Please go and have a look and make use of the library in the telephone kiosk in Dunley: thank you to Mrs. Linda Tidmarsh for organising this. 

Footpaths and bridleways
Unfortunately, the County Council grant which we use towards maintaining our network has been unexpectedly cut this year. Despite this, thanks to the efforts of our footpath officer – Catherine Macdonald - our wonderful network of footpaths and bridleways are being kept open for our enjoyment. As we all know, the best way to keep paths open is to get those boots on and walk them! Go on ……. treat yourselves to a lovely Autumn walk- If you find any obstructions, broken stiles or spots where a waymarker would be useful please contact Catherine on 878722.Please keep to the rights of way – if you are unsure and need advice about routes, again please contact Catherine. 
Roads and Traffic Speed 
Please don’t forget the Clerks log of "near miss" traffic incidents. 
Please report all potholes, build up of soil or sand, lying water, overgrown hedges; or in fact any danger or hazard to users of our roads and lanes. Remember that if you wish, your call will remain confidential. 
Just to remind you – fines for failing to wear a seat belt have doubled …… you have been warned!

                                              Neiqhbourhood Watch Updates 
                                              Astley and Dunley Neighbourhood Watch 
                                                   Annual Report – April 2016 - 2017

It was another steady year for the local Neighbourhood Watch scheme, with several new households joining the messaging system in the Astley area making the number of members up slightly on last year. 
West Mercia Police have amalgamated many police functions with the Warwickshire force meaning a new messaging system was introduced in the autumn. This was implemented in order to get the messages out to co-ordinators from all the different areas in a timely manner. The new scheme was introduced and ran fairly smoothly after those registered got used to the new verification process. Messages are sent directly to those co-ordinators in specific areas, via e-mail, to forward on to others in their neighbourhood in the scheme. 
The local Martley police team continues to be our two long serving Police Community Support officers Teresa and Vanessa, whom have currently been joined by PC Steve Elcocks. Response/Emergency policing continues to be provided from Kidderminster Police station which remains a 24/7 station, open to the public.  
During last year the Parish Council kindly provided funding for a number of sturdy neighbourhood watch signs, as requested by active co-ordinators across the area. These have been prominently displayed in areas of specific need of signage; I still have a couple spare so as older signs fade they will be replaced. The signage was low cost and the first time I have applied for funds since becoming area co-ordinator, as I appreciate money is tight for all areas of council business. 
The main crime issue in our area continues to be thefts from sheds, garages and outbuildings, of tools, gardening and maintenance equipment. Suspicious people, vehicles and incidents make up the majority of the local messages passed in the area and, with vigilance, we can prevent further crimes occurring. 
I will be attending the Regional NHW AGM on 3rd May at Police Headquarters at Hindlip Hall and will pass on the key points and issues to the local members and co-ordinators via e-mail. 
I thank the local residents and co-ordinators for their continued involvement in NHW, and the Parish Council for their funding and support of the scheme. Sarah Beard, Area Co-ordinator 

                                     Neighbourhood Watch Annual Report 2015/16 
                                12th Annual Report – Astley & Dunley Parish Council 

Wednesday, 27th April 2016 - This is my third annual report as Area co-ordinator. Neighbourhood Watch continues to run steadily in the Parish area with the continued support of the co-ordinators. My thanks go out to those that run each of the areas: Derek Humphries, Francesca Llewellyn, Gail Dawson, Iris Swingler, Jane Scott, Dave Bradley, Jill Chew, John Hoare, Mark Seabright, Stuart Andrews, and Vic Powell.  

I also wish to thank Hilary Crook who has been running the Burnthorne Lane area. Unfortunately, despite her efforts this area is no longer viable as she has received no response or support from the current members. She is staying within the scheme along with two residents from Dunley Road who will now be incorporated under my area, so they still receive NHW notifications. This means there is now one less route, and 8 less members. There are now 11 routes and still about 180 local members of the scheme. A growing area of interest though is the Horse Watch scheme, which has introduced new members into the area. Although they don’t necessarily live in the parish their horses and ponies are in the area, meaning they are keen to be updated on what is happening locally, with particular emphasis around Equine information.  

The local police team recently ran a property marking event and although it was widely advertised it was not supported with only one local resident from Astley attending but Shrawley was more successful as nine people attended. The local policing team have not given up on us but any future initiatives will be in conjunction with other local events of existing clubs, such as coffee mornings, meetings, shows, fêtes etc. 

Modern technology has changed life and NHW with the majority of messages now managed by e-mail. The messages are sent by the police and forwarded onto members. The main crime issues in our area are fly-tipping, shed and out-building break-ins and thefts. Crime prevention measures include devices such as shed alarms and protection of oil tanks after a series of heating oil thefts. The emphasis is on preventing crime and using a multi agency approach, so the agencies work alongside each other to solve issues. Fly-tipping is a problem which needs local residents to report the location and the council to use their powers and action in the removal and prevention of further issues. Locally they have used CCTV and covert cameras to try and capture offenders and the cooperation of local land owners to prevent further problems. Tree trunks, gates and straw bales have all been used to try and deter further problems. 

The biggest growing area of national crime is Cybercrime which includes lots of different offences but primarily focuses on the internet and mobile devices. There have been scams including courier fraud which is where someone is tricked into giving their bank card PIN number: identity theft and unauthorised use of bank and credit card details. The Police are trying to encourage and educate people in protection of personal details, care when using devices and use of security software. 

Despite the changes in technology and life-styles, I feel strongly that NHW is still very relevant to local residents, which is why I still support and encourage people to be aware of their neighbourhood and keep information flowing. 

If you are aware of any current or new residents wishing to join or receive NHW messages or Horse watch information please let me know.

 Email: Sarah Beard 

From West Mercia Police
Burglars won't go to the trouble of breaking in if they can just knock and be invited in. So always be on your guard when anyone you're not expecting - a man, a woman or even a child - turns up at your door. 

Bogus 'officials' may be smartly dressed and claim to be from the council, gas board, health authority or other organisation. Bogus 'dealers' may offer to buy your antiques, furniture or jewellery, at what seems to be a good price. 

If you want to sell something, choose one or two genuine dealers to value it or ask a friend or relative for their advice. 

Bogus 'workmen' may say that they need to come in to check something or make urgent repairs. You also need to be careful of callers who offer to make building repairs or tarmac your drive. Often they'll ask for money in advance; they may even offer to drive you to the bank to withdraw money to pay them. 

If you need any building work done, get several written quotes from reputable firms, then decide which one is best. If in doubt, talk it through with a neighbour or someone in your family. 

Genuine callers will normally make an appointment first and will carry identification with their photograph on. 

If someone calls at your door:
• Check to see who it is by using the spy hole if you have one, or look through a front window. 

• Always put the chain on before you open the door. (If you don't have a chain it's a good idea to get one - they don't cost much) 

• With PVC doors, it can be difficult and costly to fit a door chain. Check with the manufacturer before you buy a PVC door, that a chain will be fitted.

• FIRE SAFETY - only put on your door chain as you answer the door - don't keep it on all the time as this could delay your exit in case of fire. 

• Look at their clothing. Some official callers will have a uniform bearing their organisation's name or symbol. 
• If you don't know the caller, ask to see their identity card. Check it carefully, and keep the chain on while you do this. Genuine callers won't mind if you close the door while you do this.
• Some public utility services (e.g. water, electricity, gas) operate a password system. Contact your local branch to find out more. 

• If you're still not sure, ask the caller to come back later. You can then check their story by phoning the organisation or company they claim to represent. Look up the number in your own telephone directory. Don't rely on the telephone number on their card - it may be the number of a crook's partner. 

• Bogus callers sometimes work in pairs. Beware of one distracting you while the other steals your property. The best practice is not to let them in. 

• Ensure your back door is locked if you are answering the door to someone you don't know.
• Watch out for anyone who says they're in a hurry. Don't let them pressure you. If in doubt, call a neighbour or friend.
• If you have any suspicions at all, don't let them in. 

• If you're still not happy, phone the police - dial 101 and tell them what's happened or if you think a crime is in progress 999. Also tell your neighbours. 

Always put the chain on and use the spy-hole before you open the door.  
Never let anyone in unless you are absolutely sure they are genuine. 
Police forces have become aware of a fraud circulating targeting elderly and vulnerable members of the community. Some older people have received telephone calls from a Caller who purports to be from the GP surgery and is asking for an appointment to discuss the person's mobility needs. During the appointment, the older person is persuaded to buy mobility aids which are either unnecessary or inappropriate and always expensive. If you receive a call like this, please check with your GP surgery first before agreeing to a visit.


Cold mornings - Don't give car thieves an easv ride! 
Although vehicle crime is low across West Mercia, every winter the force receives a number of reports from drivers who have had their cars stolen after leaving the engine running, while they wait in the warmth of their home for it to heat up and defrost the windscreen. 

Some vehicle owners nip inside forjust a few seconds to collect a bag or finish the last mouthful of their breakfast coffee - but that's all the time an opportunist thief needs. 

To ‘freeze out‘ the thieves, West Mercia Police advises motorists to: 
             Clear windscreens with de-icer and a scraper 
             Sit in vehicles while the heater de-mists the windscreen 

Drivers who ignore this advice are taking big risks. Thieves will drive around residential areas looking for likely targets. When they spot a vehicle with its engine left running on a drive or outside a home, it's there for the taking. 

One person will be dropped off, get into the target vehicle and simply drive away. 
Many of the vehicles are never recovered, and some - especially high value models such as Mercedes, BMW and Audi- may be shipped overseas. It is also worth remembering if your car is stolen when keys have been left in it, you may find your insurance will not cover you. If your house keys are stolen along with your car, your home is then vulnerable too. So, this winter, don't give criminals an easy ride by leaving your car running unattended.
February 2016 Issue of Parish Magazine


Neighbourhood Watch is the largest voluntary organisation in the country and is playing an increasingly important role in helping to reduce crime and the fear of crime. The objective of Neighbourhood Watch is to promote public participation in the development of a safer and healthier environment and some of the responsibilities rest with the community, but an active partnership with the police is essential. 
We are part of the Teme Valley Central Area Neighbourhood Watch Association and the coordinators meet regularly to discuss problems and opportunities, and to liaise with the police. It is important that you make your voice heard if you have any concerns or suggestions, so please contact your coordinator or Sarah Beard. 
The idea of the Neighbourhood Watch is just that – to watch, NOT to accost possible or actual villains, and to pass on information that could be helpful to the Police, our neighbours, or both. 
Being a good neighbour, and by keeping an eye open for anything suspicious, you can help to make your community more secure. Being a good neighbour is nothing to do with being nosey. Help your neighbour, and your neighbour will help you. 
These are some of the things you should report to the Police Station right away: 
1. Strangers knocking on front doors or peering through windows and then disappearing around the back or loitering suspiciously.

2. Strangers hanging around the school, playing fields etc. and approaching children. 
3. Open windows or doors in houses where owners are out or on holiday. 
4. Strangers trying car doors. 
5. Anything you believe is suspicious, like a suspicious caller to your door, or someone acting as a window cleaner asking if people are in or out during the day. 
6. Strange vans or cars parked in unexpected places. 
Incidents or concerns should be reported to the Police no matter how trivial they may be. Someone else may have the same shifty caller. If possible an accurate description of the people or cars e.g. registration number and colour, would be of great help. The telephone number to ring is 101 or 999 in real emergencies. All members who tell the call taker on the 101 number that they are part of NHW will be contacted by their local policing team and provided with an update on the result of the incident. 
West Mercia Police now have NHW Pledge, details of which can be found on their Web Site. On the Home page enter NHW in the Search Query box then click on Watch Schemes. There is also a lot of other interesting information on the main site. 
In the event of an "incident" the first step is to telephone the Local Police 101 and then telephone either your group or local coordinator. 
If you see cars abandoned telephone 01684 862351 
If you see tipping telephone 01684 862151. If you see this actually happening try to get the vehicle description and number together with a description of the driver. 
If you see a suspicious lorry/truck in any of our lanes after dark try and take a note of its number and pass this information on to your coordinator straight away. This will help if there is a subsequent tipping incident. 
Your coordinator receives e-mail messages from the police and if a scam warning is received, or bogus caller activity, etc, those at risk will be selectively contacted. 
If it is felt that it is appropriate to warn everyone or a part of the village, your group or local coordinator will either e-mail where appropriate, drop a note through your door or telephone.
Local Authority (Malvern Hills District Council) are able to bring about civil prosecution in relation to fly tipping, the police are able to also take these offences through the Magistrates Court, we are partnership agencies and will work together to do what we can to bring people to justice who commit these offences. 
You should report fly tipping to the Police if there is evidence at the scene or there is a witness to indicate who is responsible for the offences. We can then make enquiries and follow it up otherwise I suggest that you report it to the District Council. Even if there are some enquiries to be completed the Council can still complete these. 
Mandy Laight 
Assistant Force Contact Manager 
West Mercia Police 
Tel: 0300 333 3000 Ext. 67023 
DDI: 01905 338733 Mobile: 07817 962204

                                                              Planning Decisions et


There have been several planning applications recently including: 
15/01549 — extension at The Coach House, Astley Hall (approved) 
15/01700 - pitched roof on garage at Pound Piece (approved) 
15/01579 — change of use of agricultural building at Longmore Hill 
15/01618 - The Oaklands, Scots Lane, siting of mobile home 
16/00172 - extension at 2, Larford Farm Barns  
16/00107 — change of use at The Apple Store, Dunley (decisions awaited)  
15/01336 - Micro-Brewery at Burnthorne (withdrawn)  
15/01400 — There is no further information with regard to the proposed seven dwellings near Dunley Hall 
14/00803 and 15/00104 replacement bungalows at Astley Burf (both refused) are now being dealt with by the Planning Inspectorate. 

An application has been received from Allens Caravans for 111 residential homes at the former concrete works at Larford. This has caused considerable concern with regard to drainage and the tremendous increase in traffic which would be generated using Larford Lane. The Parish Council is shortly to meet with the agents for further discussion. 

                                                       So what can you contact us about? 
    • Pot holes 
    • Blocked drains 
    • Overgrown hedges 
    • Blocked footpaths or bridleways 
    • Fly tipping 
    • "Near misses" on the roads and lanes - or (obviously) any RTA 
    • Environmental issues in general 
    • Violation of planning permission 
    • Light or noise pollution 
    • PC meetings 
            The Clerk to the PC is Pamela Perfect - (01299) 823554 Email
Astley and Dunley Parish