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.Birds and Butterflies observed in the Parish of Astley and Dunley 
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Backcap R 

Black-headed Gull R 
Blackbird R 
Blue Tit R 
Brambling W 
Bullfinch (declining) R 
Buzzard R 
Canada Goose R 
Carrion Crow R 
Chaffinch R 
Chiffchaff S 
Collared Dove R 
Common Sandpiper P 
Common Tern (Larford) P 
Coot R 
Cormorant (Severn) W 
Crossbill (rare) W
Cuckoo S 

Dunnock R 
Fieldfare W 
Gadwall (Larford) W 
Garden Warbler S 
Goldcrest R 
Goldeneye (Larford) W 
Goldfinch R 
Goosander (Larford) W 
Great Tit R 
Great Crested Grebe 
(Larford) R 
Greater Spotted 
Woodpecker R 
Green Woodpecker R 
Greenfinch R 
Grey Wagtail R 
Heron R 
Hobby S 
House Martin  
(declining) S 
House Sparrow 
(common, declining) R 
Jackdaw R 
Jay R 
Kestrel R 
Kingfisher R 
Lapwing (declining) R 
Lesser Black-backed  
Gull R 
Lesser Redpoll W 
Lesser Spotted 
(uncommon) R 
Lesser Whitethroat 
(uncommon) S 
Linnet (declining) R 
Little Egret (rare) S 
Little Owl R 
Long-tailed Tit R 
Magpie R 
Mallard R 
Marsh Tit R 
Meadow Pipit W 
Mistle Thrush R 
Moorhen R 
Mute Swan R 
Nuthatch R 
Peregrine Falcon R 
Pheasant R 
Pied Wagtail R 
Pochard (Larford) W 
Raven R 
Red Kite (rare) P 
Red-legged Partridge R 
Redshank P 
Redwing W 
Reed Bunting R 
Robin R 
Rook R 
Sand Martin S 
Siskin W 
Skylark R 
Song Thrush R 
Spotted Flycatcher S 
Starling R 
Stock Dove R 
Stonechat W 
Swallow S 
Swift S 
Tawny Owl R 
Teal (Larford) W 
Treecreeper R 
Tufted Duck  
(Larford) W 
Whitethroat S 
Waxwing W 
Willow Warbler S 
Wood Pigeon R 
Wren R 
Yellowhammer R 


Brown Argus 
Clouded Yellow  
(scarce migrant) 
Dingy Skipper (UKPS) 
Essex Skipper 
Green-veined White 
Holly Blue 
Large Skipper 
Large White 
Marbled White  
Meadow Brown 
Orange Tip 
Painted Lady 
Purple Hairstreak 
Red Admiral 
Small Skipper 
Small Tortoiseshell 
Small White 
Speckled Wood 
Wood White (UKPS) 
White Admiral  
P - Passage migrant S - Summer visitor R - Resident W - Winter visitor UKPS - UK Priority Species
If you have any locally related information that would be of interest then please email, telephone.
If you have any locally related information that would be of interest then please email, telephone. 
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