Astley and Dunley Parish
Astley and Dunley Parish with riverside Astley Burf on the River Severn, site of the Hamptsall Inn. Associations with Civil War and Prince Rupert 1642 and King Charles 1644. Locally famous Andrew Yarranton born at Larford, a royalist, agricultural engineer, built canals, locks, iron workings, blast furnace, near Sharpley Pool close to Glazen Bridge now recognised by English Heritage as a Scheduled Ancient Monument. Yarhampton house, Astley Towne house, Longmore Hill farm, Bull Hill farm and the gothic style Pool House are of historical interest. Nearby, the 220 mile long River Severn used in middle ages to transport coal, etc., and scene of a tragic ferry disaster - 9 killed - in 1919. Astley Hall, former home of Sir Stanley Baldwin.

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